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Wildlife Research

Focus on eastern coyotes, wolves, white-tailed deer, moose 


Our basic research interests are in determining the proximate and ultimate factors that cause changes in the distribution and abundance of wildlife populations, and more specifically in understanding the dynamics of vertebrate predator-prey systems. Our research approach is largely empirical, based on field studies, and makes use of advances in spatial and statistical modeling including invasive and non-invasive field sampling, resource selection functions, proportional hazards survival and hazard modelling, and spatial simulation models using GIS. As humans, we are the dominant driver of change in the environments we live in and share with wildlife. Accordingly, we focus on research with applied conservation and management components. Our work continues to inform management issues involving wolves, coyotes, moose, and deer in Ontario and beyond.  

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2140 East Bank Drive

Trent University, DNA Building

Peterborough, ON   K9L 1Z8

Tel: 705-755-1553

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